Fun and Games – Personal Development Retreat

Fun and Games – Personal Development Retreat

Do you have enough fun and joy in your life?

Has your life become too serious?

Do you remember the feeling of freedom and aliveness you had as a child?

Do you make time in your life for play?


The rationale behind this course

There are times in our lives when we can often feel that life is not what it could be. Maybe we are working long hours and forgetting to take care of ourselves or the stresses and strains of life have taken its toll on our relationship with ourselves and those around us. Perhaps we have become all work and no play and would like to change the balance.

Did you know that our ancestors dedicated a lot more energy to play than we do today? Communities of hunter gatherers spent around 4 hours a day on work. The remainder was dedicated to playing and games. Today, the evidence shows that play is just as vital for adults as it is for children as it connects us to a deeper place within ourselves as well as connects us to others. It is well established that play not only brings joy but can also facilitate problem solving, creativity and help rekindle stale relationships.


Top 10 benefits of play*

  1. Play can inspire you to think differently
  2. Play can bring greater joy into your life
  3. Play is known to reduce stress
  4. Play on a regular basis can increase longevity
  5. Play can reduce struggle, conflict and worry
  6. Play can increase your sense of lightness
  7. Play can enhance your energy levels
  8. Play can stimulate imagination, curiosity and creativity
  9. Play reduces the risk of hypertension and decreases depression.
  10. Play can provide an opportunity to take risks

*Source: Inspiration, The benefits of play


About this course

This course centres around simple circle games that are not only fun but can also facilitate personal growth and change. We will also use art/craft, guided imagery, group process and sharing.


Dates and Venues

Gaunts House, Dorset.  

Friday 6 June 2014 – Sunday 8 June 2014.

Cost From £245, to include 2 nights full board and accommodation.

For more details or to book please contact me on 07809 441 519 or complete the contact form.