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My name is Lucia Capaldi.

I am a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, counsellor and supervisor based in Harberton, Totnes. I work with a wide range of issues and have particular expertise in working with addictions and relationship problems. I offer sessions to individuals and couples.

Alcohol Counselling

Are you drinking too much?

If you are drinking more than 21 units (men) and 14 units (women) a week then you are not alone. It is estimated that 90% of the adult population drink alcohol with over 10 million people in Britain drinking above safe limits.

There are many reasons why people drink. You may have been brought up in a household where drinking was part of  family life. Perhaps you play sport and drinking after your match/game is the norm. Maybe you started drinking to cope with a stressful situation or the pressures of work and are now in the habbit of regular drinking. Maybe you feel that it relaxes you, gives you confidence or helps you cope.

Drinking too much however, can have a significant impact on your health, wealth, family, work and relationships. If you are finding it hard to stop or difficult to control then you may need professional help.

Couples Counselling

Is everything good in your relationship?

Sometimes, however much we love each other our relationships can feel hard work. Maybe we are struggling to communicate or be understood. Perhaps the daily tasks of juggling children’s needs, work pressure, difficult in-laws or too many other demands are taking their toil on your relationship. Maybe there are problems with fidelity, trust, anger or resentment. Perhaps you have separated or are thinking of going your separate ways.

Whatever is happening in your relationship counselling can provide a space to talk about and resolve areas of difficulty.

Psychotherapy can also help with


Anger Management


Relationship problems

Depression and anxiety

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence

Eating disorders

Personal development

Difficulty in coming to terms with life changing events such as divorce, bereavement or redundancy.


Therapy Space

Other Benefits of Psychotherapy

Discovering a greater sense of self-worth and confidence.
Enhancing your communication skills.
Effectively expressing your needs through clear communication.
Finding joy in life and a sense of inherent health.
Looking for new ways to deal with areas of difficulty in your life with compassion and kindness.
Learning how to befriend difficult emotions so they don’t control your life.